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+Rules and Affilation+


Tags Should Include-

Fandom Name/s

If you want to contact a mod (complaints, questions etc.)-

Comment on this post.

Taking Up A Bunny-

The amount of bunnies you are allowed to snag is up to the poster. If it becomes apparent that after snagging a bunny, you can't do it, let the poster know so that she/he can put the bunny back up for sale. It would be appreciated, though not completely necessary, if you could add a link to a completed story/fic etc.

Selling Bunnies-

In your post, please cross out each bunny as they are taken, if one is given back to you, you may uncross it. It is up to you how many bunnies one person is allowed to snag.

You Are Not Allowed To-

+Post inappropriate content
+Post off topic posts
+Bad Manners towards other members (In doing so, you may be banned from the community and/or have your post deleted.)


We are always open for Affiliates (From fandoms and the such) comment below, and we'll be happy to add you in return to you adding us.

(Any questions or problems, comment here and i'll be sure to answer [: )