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$1 to $25 Cash Back on Every Ebay Purchase of $10 or more. Includes Ebook & Free Sign Up Link.

$1 to $25 CashBack on Each Ebay Purchase of $10 or More

Go to EmployeePerk.net. Sign up 100% free. Then once your logged in, return to EmployeePerk.net. Scroll down and click the Ebay icon under my favorite stores. Go through this link before every ebay purchase. Or you can type Ebay in the searchbar on top of the page. It will bring up a Ebay logo, say cashback then just click shop now. You will receive cashback within 5 days. Be sure you are logged in. The money will add up in your account, PayPal payments are automatically made at the end of each month as long as you have a balance of $5.00.


This above info is free and is the same info sold on www.EbayDiscount.com