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Angsty Numb3rs Bunny

Fandom: Numb3rs
Pairing: Charlie/OFC, Charlie/Amita, Don/Amita, Charlie/Ian!Friendship
ladygray99  open/close

Coming face to face with their serial killer while getting coffee was not how Charlie planned to start the day. Chasing the man down on foot without back up was also probably not a good idea. It was really not a good idea when the killer gets Charlie cornered with a knife. Don comes to the rescue with a well aimed shot that just happens to splatter Charlie with a lot of blood.

Six weeks later Charlie is HIV positive.

Charlie runs from home and a guilt ridden Don teaching for a semester or two at any university on the planet that will have him.

He settles in Tel Aviv after meeting an engineering professor with the same problem but a more advanced case. They have almost ten years before she can’t get past a lung infection. In the mean time Amita rebounds onto Don and they have a little girl. Neither brother goes to the other ones wedding.

Charlie moves back to LA after his wife passes but sells Don the house for a couple of bucks. He gets a small place that he shares with Ian who has been keeping an eye on him over the years feeling that Charlie should be treated more like an agent injured in the line of duty than an unlucky civilian.

Charlie teaches part time and tries to finish Cognitive Emergence knowing he’ll be lucky to make 60 as the drugs start to do as much damage to his body as any illness.
Charlie finishes his theory as cancer hits and his mind starts to go.

Charlie decides it’s time to go on his terms. He tells Don he was forgiven for what happened long ago even though Don doesn’t want the forgiveness and hands over all his work to Amita and Larry. Then picks a nice day, a nice view, his favorite music and with Ian help just ends it.